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Spontaneous Hylas Abaco Rendezvous 2018

1st unofficial  Hylas Abacos Rendezvous!
H49 Katrina Rose, H54 VanishingPoint, H54 L’ame Libre

No matter where I sail, I usualy find members of the Hylas family! The Abacos Islands are no exception. Due to the devestating storms affecting the Eastern Caribbean this season, I decided to change destinations and sail Vanishing Point to Marsh Harbor, Bahamas with the Salty Dawg Rally in November. I’m glad I did because I met some great folks who instantly bonded with me when they saw my Hylas T-shirt I was wearing while attending a Royal Marsh Harbor Yacht Club dinner at the Jib Room. Scott and Cheryl Johnson (H54 L’ame Libre), Bick and Kathy Remmey (H49 Katrina Rose) all decide to sail to Great Guana Cay for a weekend raft up with other members of the club. The first night we rafted up for a delicious dinner of fresh Mahi that we caught that afternoon while trolling with other yacht club members. Even with a draft of over 7 feet, Great Guana Key has plenty of water to anchor and offers great protection from the mostly eastern trades. Im really enjoying the Bahamas this year. Ill be back!

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