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S/V Vanishing Point at anchor in the Great Salt Pond on Block Island. They call this island the Bermuda of New England. Many years ago I bought my first sailboat just so I could sail here. It was in this harbor that I saw a my first Hylas yacht anchored out in the pond. I was so impressed that the following fall I visited Hylas at the boat show in Annapolis. I brought back a brochure for a Hylas 49 and taped it to my refrigerator door in my Manahatten apartment. After 10 years its still taped up there...The dream became reality. I still have to pinch myself somtimes when I step onboard to make sure Im not just dreaming!

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Alberto Duhau
Alberto Duhau
Mar 05, 2018

Hi community, Shaima, my Hylas 63 hull 6 is about to blow its first candle and is back in Riviera Beach City Marina after a several month passage through the Caribbean all the way to Grenada and back. I have already sailed more than 4000 miles with her and been through a lot, including one lightning strike and two major hurricanes. But above all Shaima has made me and my family extremely happy as we are finally enjoying our dream boat and preparing for more adventures to come. If time permits we are planning to cross the Atlantic twice next year first with destination the UK, and returning via the so called Viking Route, that is Island hopping from Scotl…

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