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Hylas 70 Havana Race (1st place)

The crew of Runaway, a 2008 Hylas 70, sailed the 2018 SORC Miami to Havana Race

starting February 14th, 2018. We finished First Place in the Racer Cruiser Class, and

also had the lowest Overall Time for any class. We accomplished this all while being

the most comfortable and well fed boat in the race.

The Hylas 70 performed very well in every condition. We started on a close reach, and her waterline helped us sail through much of the racing fleet that started five minutes ahead of us. Later, we were able to set a spinnaker and enjoy the ride downwind to Cuba. The conditions were perfect, with between 15 and 25 knots of wind from the east. The Gulf Stream built up some big waves on the crossing, but Runaway handled them with ease.

The overnight passage was a dream. The wind built, and we hit 11.7 knots of boat-speed under spinnaker. Even in the large puffs, the boat was under control and simple for two people on deck to handle. We arrived at Marina Hemingway the next afternoon, finishing at 4:31 PM. Cuba Customs were thorough but very friendly. The staff at the Marina was also there to help. After checking in and tying up, we were off to Havana for food, Mojitos, and cigars.

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