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The Hylas community is a group of individuals committed to realizing their dreams and sharing their experiences with like-minded people. The Hylas Yacht Club is a platform that facilitates bringing together owners and their acquaintances, helping create new bonds that will span the globe. Many of our members have become great friends and cruising buddies. With Over 520 Hylas sailboats and power boats across the world, we can draw on a tremendous wealth of knowledge.


Throughout your time as a Hylas owner, there will be events that will change your life. From the decision to buy, a visit to Taiwan or the moment of closing, these will all be supported with a celebration. And that is just the beginning.

In beautiful and remote harbors around the world, Hylas sailors meet by chance and share an immediate connection—the very yacht that journeys with them. Months may go by and inevitably they reunite once again with new stories to tell. Boat shows, destination rallies, weekend flotillas and organized Hylas events tie the community together and welcome newcomers to the remarkable Hylas culture.


Hylas may be known for our custom-built luxury yachts, but the true value of the brand extends beyond the physical yacht to our unwavering commitment to service. Our yacht owners cruise with confidence knowing that a dedicated team of professionals stand by to support them. The service, parts and production teams offers storm preparation advice, information on gear, and spare and replacement parts, providing owners with technical support all over the world. However we may help, Hylas will be there for you.


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1688 Meridian Avenue, 7th Floor 

Miami Beach, FL 33139  |  Tel: ‭786.497.1882‬

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